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Harshal Kothari


Harshal Kothari, a dynamic new-age entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in event management, leads Rising Events with unparalleled passion and vision. Specializing in MICE, weddings, political events, and experiential marketing, Harshal has successfully collaborated with premium brands, festivals, and expos. His expertise in technology integration transforms visionary plans into spectacular realities.

Harshal’s leadership extends to EEMA West, where he served for a decade, including eight years as Joint Secretary for EEMA West, growing the membership from 13 to nearly 200. His entrepreneurial spirit led to the creation of Recreate Spaces Studio, India’s first content creator space designed for new-aged content creators, catering to shoots, OTT projects, events, and co-working spaces. Additionally, he has established successful partnerships with Rising Socials and Rising and Beyond. Harshal’s dedication ensures he consistently exceeds client expectations, from A-list celebrities to international clients.

Step into the world of Harshal Kothari and witness the magic he creates. For more insights into his professional journey, visit his Instagram and LinkedIn profiles

Komal Kothari


Komal Kothari, the COO of Rising Events and the visionary behind Recreate Spaces Studio which is India’s first content creator space designed for new aged content creators. With a rich creative background, Komal has propelled Recreate Spaces to the forefront of the industry, hosting high-profile events, shoots, and festivals. Her leadership at Rising Events ensures that every project, from MICE to weddings and experiential marketing, is executed with aesthetic brilliance and excellence with her show direction expertise. Komal’s dedication transforms visionary concepts into spectacular realities, consistently exceeding client expectations.

Step into Komal Kothari’s world and witness the fusion of art, imagination, and excellence. For more insights into her professional journey, visit her Instagram and LinkedIn profile.